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When Love Comes Knocking: Chapter Two { 2 }

– When Love Comes Knocking (Episode 2)

– Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses (Episode 2)

– Chapter Two { 2 }

– Written by Adeola Anthony

– First published in AIM FORUM 2020

United States of America.

Writer’s Point Of View.

A man in his early twenties, could be seen answering his business calls as his maid walks in and arranged his cloth.

Then began dressing him up buttoning his shirt and making him out on his blazers and tying up the lace of the shoes.

“Hey any update yet ?” He questioned his assistant over the phone.

“Not at all Sir Elliot. But I am till trying to link up with them, there might be before the end of the day.”

Daniel his assistant answered.

“Dan, cut the formalities and call me by my name it’s not like I am at the office yet.” He said.

“Sure si… sorry Elliot” Dan stuttered.

“There, I didn’t eat you up did I?, I need you to be free with me so the business dealings could be well analysed between us.

Everyone is out there to learn.” “Sure Boss we are expecting you.”

“Be there in a few ” Elliot answered as he mouthed a thank you to the maid.

An aged woman in her late forties, almost clocking fifty could be seen by the curtains of her room answering a phone call.

“Brian make sure everything is set for today’s meeting, I would be late.

Tell Mary to meet up with the investors and make them comfortable till I am at the office. Understood?” She asked.

“Sure Mrs Smith, everything will be well arranged as you have ordered.”

Brian assured her on the phone.

“Alright then” she says as she cut the call.

“Emily!!?” She calls loudly, as a petite young lady rushed in kneeing to the ground.

“Yes ma’am” she answered.

“Where are my clothes I asked you to make ready for today?”

“Hmm, ma, I , you see” the young lady said confused on how to explain to her boss on what had happened.

“What rubbish are you blabbering? Speak up before I descend on you” she said lashing out at her.

“Ma’am am sorry, I- I mistakenly”

“You mistakenly what? Speak up you fool” she insulted as she landed on her face a slap.

“Ma’am the voltage was high unknown to me and so i mistakenly burnt the dress .”

Emily explained as she held unto her cheek she had just received a slap.

” MG, my designer dress”

Madam Smith screamed as she ran down to the laundry room to check up on her damaged dress.

She looked at the expensive dress and became mad and went straight to pouncing in Emily when Elliot her saint intervened.

“Mom! Mom!!, Calm down please” he pleaded as she fought her way to get to the frightened Emily who hid herself behind Elliot.

“Let me go Elliot, I need to treat this brat a lesson.” She said.

“No mother, please calm down your health is way more important than all this.

Leave you” he commanded Emily as she thanked him rushing away.

“She ruined my dress” she complained as she brought it to Elliot to check.

“She’s sorry mother, I plead on her behalf.

Don’t be offended I’ll get you a new one”

He says as she looked at him then nodded her head and walked off to her room to change and begin on her today’s appointment.

Mrs Smith Dexion could be tagged the “Normal business woman” everyone knows.

She is known for her passion in her jobs she deals with shoe making and all.

She has two sons named, Evans and Elliot.

She is actually not really liked by the people cause of how she deals with them making them feel like the poverty-ridden who are less privileged.

She looked down in the less privileged and she is known for her arrogant,rude and disheartening behavior.

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Wait up for the next chapter of when love comes knocking. coming soon.

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