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When Love Comes Knocking Chapter Three { 3 }

When Love Comes Knocking

– Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses
{ Three 3 }

– Chapter Three { 3 }

– Written by Adeola Anthony

– First published in AIM FORUM 2020

Back to Cancun.


At the interview.

” Good morning sir/ma, ” I greeted faced with some panels.

” Morning ” they chorused.
” Morning young lady, take your seat ” one of the men said gesturing for me to sit.

” Thank you ”

” You are welcomed, I think you already know why you are here? ”

The man in black suite whose identity I was yet to know questioned me.

” Yes sir, am here for the ongoing interview competition that would be held in few days time. ” I replied.

” Alright, she knows why she here Mr Daniel…let me take it over from here ”

The blonde hair lady sitting beside him said as she stood to her feet and went to the projector. ”

Could you please stand up and come over, ” she asked of him politely to which I was already in love with the all doings here.

I walked over and then she turned up the projector handed me a pad to control what was been shown on the projector.

” I’m going to give you a puzzle pieces to make up and then you answer some questions.” She explained.

” Alright ma’am, ” I answered.

” Ok so the balls her in your court now, you’ve got fifteen minutes to complete that. 3,2,1. ” And the timer began running.

United States of America. Author’s point of view.

A lad could be seen on his king size bed decorated in an extravagant way.

He laid on his bed faced with his TV as he handled the PS pad playing PES 2020. He is the Playboy of the family.

More also He never takes anything serious especially working at the company.

He would always see some excuses to give. He loves partying and clubbing, coming home drunk every night.

He’s way more charming than Elliot is senior brother and that got many women flocking around him.

Yeah he is the senior but never behaves like one.

” Knock, knock ” came his assigned maid.

” Yes, come in Blair. ”

” Good morning Master Evans. ” She greeted.

” Hey Blair, how are you doing today? ” He asked his attention still sternly on the TV.

” Fine, Master Blair, and you? ” She replied asking him same question.

” Am always fine Blair, hey I forgot what about little Liam ? ”

” He is good, he misses you ”

” Tell him I also do, playing PS alone is always boring sometime. ”

” Ok Master Evans, I might bring him over one of this days ”

” Oh thanks Blair, I’d be expecting him “.

” Sure ” she replied as she arranged the used clothes well in to the laundry baskets to fit in so she can carried them out within some falling off.

There’s something everyone likes about Mrs Smith it’s that she trained her kids well to always respect every one no matter their status.

That was the only quality every appreciate in her.

The rest are little or less nothing to write home about.

Back to Cancun.


“OMG, ” I said in my head sweating profusely has my timer dashboard read five minutes and I still had two puzzles to fit in.

“Two minutes remaining Iris” she spoke out. ” And 5, 4, 3 ,2 ”

Wanna know what took place?

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