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When Love Comes Knocking (prologue)

–  When Love Comes Knocking (prologue)

– Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses

– Written by Adeola Anthony

– First Published in AIM FORUM 2020


I am Iris Dexion

It’s either I live or you live, One has to die, I love you

You are a beast in sheep clothing.



Iris Dexion a 22 years old lady is born with a silver lining.

Unfortunately the source of wealth, her family gets cut short by some unknown cause at a tender age of 5.

She’s taken into hiding by her nanny who has been assigned to her mother from birth in other to save her from the evil hands.

Little Iris experienced how her father and her mother with her little baby sister was been taken from her.

So she went through truama which had her loose her sense of reasons.

She would always have a dream about her past but find it hard to understand what it meant.

It would always came up to her in blurry vision.

After some many therapies she is herself back.

She works at home, clubs and all to met ends meet.

What happens when she falls in love with the son of those who had her families kill without her knowledge?

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” Iris! Irish!!, Please listen to me ” he begged.

“No Elliot, there nothing you have to tell me this is the day I have waited for all my life.”

She said as she tightened her fist on the pistol.

“Irish!, I-i beg just let him go you can verge all your anger on me but please listen to me and put that down.”

He said on his knees.

“No, Am sorry Elliot. it’s now or never “and a gun shot was heard.

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2 thoughts on “When Love Comes Knocking (prologue)

  1. It’s a sad and terrible experience for her, imagine living with someone who is not biologically related to you. You will be treated as a piece of trash. Irish shouldn’t have killed Elliot, knowing fully well that his death will not bring her dead family back.

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