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When Loving Comes Knocking (chapter 1)

– When Loving Comes Knocking

– Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses

– Chapter One (1)

– Written by Adeola Anthony

– First Published on AIM FORUM 2020



“Wake up Ris”

Granny Gina said walking through the hallway as she picked up the laundry basket going to each room to pick up the used clothes.

More also the ones customers had dropped yesterday to be washed for them.

Turning around in my bed, stretching, and moving edges to edges I stood up rubbing my face and rushed up to the balcony as a smile crept onto my face while I screamed;

“Good morning Cancun’s”

I walked over to the basin rinsed my face, picked up a my toothbrush with paste and a cup and went back out there and started brushing as I sang to my best song “I LIKE IT LIKE THAT” by Cardi B.

“Iris” came a voice down the balcony. I looked down and found it was Jason my best friend.

He is a police officer. A great one.

He fights for injustice and that made me fell so in love with him that I took him as my best friend cause we grew up together practically doing things together up till now.

“Jason!, Bring your ass up here right now.” I commanded.

“Morning Granny Gina,” Jason greeted as he walked up the wooden stair up to my room.

” Morning dear, may the God lord bless you” she prayed to which he answered Amen.

“Hey psycho, what are you still doing in here?

Have you forgotten today is your interviewing day?”

Jason questioned poking my head.

“OMG, I would be back” I exclaimed patting his shoulders as I did a marathon race to my bathroom.”

Oh jeez! ” came another exclamation.” Hmm Jason could you please pass me the towel?”

I pleaded as I cringed.

“Here, it’s on the hanger. I will be outside waiting for you.

Be fast you’ve got less than an hour” he said as his voice faded.

I rushed out and picked out a shirt with a bumper three-quarter army shorts.

My dress code looks weird right?

That’s why i say am different, I just never care until I achieve my goals in life.

“Granny am leaving,” I said to her hearing as I picked up my belt bag and hanged round my waist.

“Alright my dear, may the God Lord give you your heart desires and may he favor you” she prayed.

“Amen Granny, I would be back soon wait for me”.

” Alright my love “.


“Be calm Iris, am sure you can do this” Jason said as he tried to calm my nerves down.

This was my first time doing this and I just didn’t want to mess things up cause am little bit clumsy.

“Are you sure Jason?, What kinda questions would I be asked?” I questioned him.

“Hmm, Iris I can’t tell what it is they would ask you but I so trust in you that this is going to be great.

Where’s the authoritative, fearless, bold Iris I so much love?”

With that he built my ego as I hit my chest saying;

“Here she is, it is better to try and not win than to cowardly run off” I stated my motto.

“Number 24” the attendant mentioned my name as I stood up to walk in.

“There she’s back, get your ass off the seat and go and triumph”. To be continue…

Wow here comes the end of chapter 1.

Let’s hear from you before cheaper two will be published soon on aim forum.

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