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Mending My Broken Heart – Prologue

– Mending My Broken Heart – Prologue

– The Princess and The Pauper

– Written By Crystal Oduwa

– First Published on AIM FORUM


I love him, He loved me back fiercely.

I will let him go so he could be better with one condition.

Come back to me.

Not only did he break his promise, he shattered me into pieces, left me with a broken heart with no one to mend it.

Watching him love her endlessly is a thorn in my flesh.

Smiling as he puts a ring On her finger tore me apart.

She is beautiful, mischievous, too secretive yet he loves her.

I feel something isn’t right yet I can’t seem to place my finger on it.

I envy her in every way possible as she has everything I want.


Annabelle Hopeson is your average pauper, life never treated her well, her drunken mother and her runaway father did not help matters.

Her only comfort was her childhood friend, crush and love of her life, Ethan.
With him everything was so much better.

Together they planned how they would get married have children and she couldn’t wait for him to get back from college and all would be well.

Or would it?

What happens when he comes back from college engaged to the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

Now with no explanation like he forgot her or something.

What happened to the promises?

What happens when that girl turns out to be a really rich girl?

Doesn’t it seem extremely weird that a rich girl decides to get married to an ordinary guy?

What happens when she finds out that beautiful rich girl is actually engaged to another?

What happens when her fiancee is actually rude, arrogant and does everything in his power to get her back.

Who’s the rebound to heal Annabelle’s broken heart.

Why doesn’t she want to get married to the other guy yet she seems enthusiastic to Wed Ethan?

Why does Ethan suddenly wants to get married to her of all people forgetting his promises to Annabelle?

Would Annabelle be prepared to back down without a fight concentrating on using her rebound to forget Ethan?

What’s the big secret behind the engagement and the rebounds?

How would it all play out on the end?

Who gets the girl and who gets the guy?

These are what you will get to find out as the story continues.

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2 thoughts on “Mending My Broken Heart – Prologue

  1. Anebbel should have known that human is imperfect, it’s only the creator of the universe. And the only way she can be healed of the broken heart and have peace of mind is to forgive Ethan, else she will live in heart broken for the rest of her life.

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