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How secure are my information on Aim Forum? Find out

– Find out how secure your information are on aim forum.

– Which of your information ‘are’ and are ‘not’ needed on aim forum.

– How to set your information to be public or private.

– Who you are to share your information with.

Now let’s talk about those information, but first; what are those information needed by aim forum?

Aim forum needs two major set of information about it’s user.

Those information are; aim forum account information and Bank account information for payment.

Account information

These are personal information that users provide during account registration.

Those information includes;

1. Full name
This will automatically be displayed on aim forum.

2. Username
This also will be displayed on your Aim Forum profile and will be visible to everyone

3. Email
This will be between you and aim forum and no one can see or find it.

4. Password
This is a personal information that even aim forum can’t know.

Your password is essential except you share it with third party which is not advisable.

5. State
This information can be private or made public, it’s all depends on how you want it.

Select Change below to make your choice of how you want it.


6. Phone number
Follow step 5 to decide if you want it public or only you.

Bank information that are needed for aim forum payment.

Aim forum will only demands the following information from users during payment.

Aim forum has 3 different method of paying users. You can read them here

For Direct Bank Transfer

1. Bank Name
This is the name of your bank you desired to receive your payment.

2. Account number
These are the 10 numbers of your bank account that you are to share with aim forum.

3. Your name
This is your own name used in opening your Bank account.

These 3 information above are required of a member for successful payment of AIMIS earned.

Those information are very secure and save with aim forum.

Bank information that aim forum will never demand of you:

1. Your BVN
Kindly note that Aim forum will never demand of your Bank Verification Number BVN.

2. Confirmation of SMS or Email
Aim forum will never send you a code and call to demand for it either by SMS or Email

3. ATM details
Please kindly note that aim forum has nothing to do with your ATM information.

If in the nearest future, we have automatic registration system, it will be secured and well program.

Information needed for payment through PayPal, Money Gram and Western Union

1. PayPal Email only 

2. Full name and address only for money gram and western union 

These 2 information are needed from foreign users to receive their aim forum payment.

Those “are the” and “not” information aim forum will demand when it comes to user’s information.

Those information demand of you by aim forum are hundred percent safe and secure.

If any impersonator ask for those undemanding information from you, please CONTACT US HERE

Send a whats-app message to our official whats-app.

Message us on our social media pages for quick action to be taken.

Take note of our official pages

Facebook: A.I Media & Forum

Instagram: @aimedia_forum

Twitter: @aimedia_forum

Thanks for reading and please be guided!!!