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AIMFORUM: How to earn on AIM FORUM

Welcome onboard, it’s high time we make income from our mobile phones and get back what ever we spend on Data subscription daily,  weekly and monthly from AIMFORUM income.

Read through carefully.

Various ways to earn from AIM FORUM are listed below.

1. Your earn #300 bonus when you successfully register your account with this will reflect on your account area.

2. You earn #300 for referring member to join (Referral is unlimited) Imagine referring 10 members in a day (#3,000) Enjoy earning.

3. You earn #10 each time you visit as a register member

4. Your earn #30 for making constructive comments on News, Topics, Sponsored Post on (note: comment must relate to the content, and must be up to a paragraph for clear opinion and better understanding of other users)

5. Your earn #5 for testifying about AIMFORUM on our social media pages

6. You earn #2 when you complete your profile settings.

7. You earn #30 for sharing our post to your social media accounts (facebook is recommended) and most be your active account.

8. You earn #50 for posting/submitting well constructed original and quality article to – This is unlimited and you can chose a categories to post about

9. You earn #20 when you post funny jokes listed from 1 to 20. This is unlimited.

10. You earn 10% from advert charges you referred to AIM FORUM

11. You earn #30 for sharing sponsored/advert banner or article on your social media accounts (account must be active).

12. Your earn #500 when you have 1k view on a promotional video your make about on facebook, instagram and YouTube.

By the end of every week, you could be banking at least ₦20,000 to ₦50,000 and getting paid every week to your BANK Account. What more could be better than earning system that is sustainable as AIMFORUM?

AIM FORUM Payout is processed and completed every week from the last PAYOUT. This means PAYOUTS to our Earners is processed once every week.

Withdrawal Portal is opened for 48hours after Completion of Payouts. This means Payouts is expected every week. What a wow!!! REGISTER NOW