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How does AIM FORUM generate fund to pay users/members? Find out

– How does AIM FORUM generate fund to pay all its members?

– Are there shareholders behind their resources?

– Maybe they started with enough capital, who knows?

Here we are again to give you better understanding of all the questions you may be having in your mind.

Before I continue, I have a question for you, “have you registered?” if the answer is NO, don’t miss out REGISTER HERE.

And if your answer is YES, that you have registered, remember you paid 1,000 naira registration fee.

Now; to think of it, AIM FORUM generate part of its fund from registration fees.

The more members AIM FORUM have the more fund it generate to pay users/members.

To achieve this funding, AIM FORUM mandates its users to refer minimum of 10 persons/members per month.

This will enable the platform to circulate the fund around to reach all users/members.

Another means which AIM FORUM generate its fund is “Google AdSense”.
Google AdSense Affiliate and partner with AIM FORUM to display advert everywhere on the website.

This partnership with Google AdSense generates 50% of AIM FORUM income/fund which we also use to pay our members.

AIM FORUM also generate income through local advert and sponsored post/links.

Business owners and brands pay AIM-FORUM to display their product and service on the website and for members to share.

This is also another way in which AIM FORUM generate fund to pay use for sharing such advert.

Currently; AIM FORUM does not have shareholder or any funding third party managing the system.

The secret behind how we generate fund to pay users are listed above to everyone’s understanding.

One of our core values is Transparency, and that’s what we are known for over time now.

And lastly, you may probably be thinking that AIM FORUM started with so much capital, the answer is NO.

According to the founder, there was no specific amount set aside as capital aside the amount used to develop the platform.

This means that there was no fund set aside to make payment but from what the platform generate thereafter.

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