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How do I see my earnings on AIM FORUM? find out

– How do I see my earnings on AIM FORUM?

– How do I see my registration bonus?

– Do I have asses to all my AIM FORUM earnings?

– How do withdraw my earnings?

Your earnings are your right. So don’t worry, take a deep breath as we breakdown those questions.

Once your registration process is completed, your account will be activated within 24hrs.

This means that, after 24hrs you will be able to login to your AIM FORUM account successfully.

Upon login, you will be able to have a look on your account to see your profile and other options.

If you’re using mobile phone, you will be able to assess your profile at the right side menu.

At the right side menu, click on ‘profile’ and your account will display with other option.

This process can also be seen at the left side menu using a mobile phone.

When you open the left side menu, click on “my account” select “my profile” from the drop down menu.

To see your earnings, screw down your profile, click on “my earnings” and it will display below.

For users using a computer (web view) all the pages are displayed at the front head view of your computer.

Click on “my account” from the drop down menu, select ‘profile’ and your profile will display.

Select “my earnings” among other options and click on it, your earnings will display before you.

The 300 naira you will see there at first is your registration bonus and subsequent earnings will be added automatically.

You have asses to all your earnings once all the requirements are meant, after accumulating everything together.

There shall be extra registration charges of 2,000 naira for those that register free from the beginning.

This extra charge is only on those that did not pay the initial 1,000 naira registration fee.

The extra charges will only take effect on their first withdrawal, after that they have paid their one-time registration fee.

In general, there shall be 10% monthly tax deduction from accumulated earnings of all users.

And 5% Admin and Tech maintenance fee, this also comes in every month during payment.

To withdraw your earnings, you most have reached the minimum payout of 5,000 AIMIS.

Once this is achieved and other requirements are meant, follow same process to “request withdrawal”.

Fill your bank details and the AIMIS amount you have on activity, referral and the total on the withdrawal form.

Once your request is submitted, it will be process within the next 24hrs, also contact admin manually.

Thanks for reading (How do I see my earnings on AIM FORUM); I hope this article was helpful! For more information please CONTACT US HERE