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Four (4) reasons you are to refer before getting paid on AIM FORUM

– Four (4) reasons you are to refer before getting paid.

– Why referring members is very important on AIM FORUM.

– How many members or people you are to refer to join AIM FORUM.

– Do I get paid if I don’t refer new members to join aim forum.

Now that you found this article, please site back, relax with a glass of wine and read carefully.

If you most know, AIM FORUM is a platform created for everyone to use and generate profit from.

This platform can only reach out to millions and billions of users as part of it’s objective if you refer.

On this post we are going to outline four (4) reasons you should refer members to join AIM FORUM.

1. Generate found
As we all know found is the reason why you are here and as such, we have to circulate it.

Registration fee on AIM FORIM is 1,000 naira of which 300 naira bonus will be given to you.

More also, when someone register under you; you both will be given 300 naira bonus each.

This simply means that, each time you refer someone to join AIM FORUM you get 300 naira bonus.

2. Large audience
As we likely said above, for this platform to reach out to millions of users, there is need for referral.

When you invite 10 new members to join the platform and them in return invites 10 and keeps it going.

This is the only way AIM FORUM can get to a larger audience when all users refer.

3. Community trust
Reaching out to large number of users or members helps us to build a better and stronger trust.

When everyone gets to know there is a platform called AIM FORUM, there shall be trust instead of doubt.

4. Advertising
Brands and business owners need platforms with larger audience to advertise their product and service on.

Referring users or members helps AIM FORUM to reach larger audience daily.

With the above listed reasons, you can see it’s very important to refer on AIM FORUM.

Members are to refer minimum of 10 new members per month and 5 per week to be able to cash out.

Furthermore, member who made it to refer 5-10 new members within 24hrs or days will get paid the next 48hrs.

In summary or conclusion, users can’t be paid without referring as stated/listed above.

Thanks for reading “Four (4) reasons you are to refer”, I hope you gain from this article.

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