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Q: How can i register?
A: To be a registered member of AIM FORUM visit to register/sign up with your email, phone number, full name and user name/nickname

Q: Do i have to pay during my registration?
A: Yes, members are to pay certain amount as one time registration during registration.

Q: After Registrations what is next?
A: After registrations, your account will be activated for you to start commenting, posting and to do more

Q: How do i get paid?
A: We pay through your provided bank account during withdrawal process

Q: When can I cash out?
A: You can cash out every month once you reaches your cash out amount

Q: How much do i need to earn before cashing out?
A: Before you cash out your referral bonus and monthly general activities earnings most be 5000AIMIS {NGN5,000} and above {AIMIS is same exchange rate with Naira}

Q: What is AIMIS?

Q: How do i increase my earnings?
A: By Inviting your friends and family members to join AIM FORUM increases your referral bonus

Q: Is it compulsory to invite members?
A: Yes, it is compulsory for active members to bring in 10 new members monthly to join AIM FORUM

Q: Is there any monthly charges during payout?
A: Yes, there is monthly charges of 10% as Tax payment and 10% savings and this will be taking out from your monthly withdrawal.

Q: Is it compulsory to save with AIM FORUM
A: Yes, we encourage our registered members to save with us and smile to the bank at the end of the year

Q: I did not get my monthly pay, what could be the cause?
A: It could be that you provided wrong details of your bank account or you did not meet up with the necessary requirements

Q: What are the Necessary requirements?
A: All members are required to bring in 10 new members to register in a month, share sponsored post, like and comment on our social media posts, invite members to our facebook and telegram groups

Q: How do i contact AIM FORUM
A: if you want to reach out to AIM FORUM click CONTACT US