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Do these 11 things to win the heart of a Lady in campus

– Do these one after the other to get the lady attention.

– Avoid not to cross her part with these tips or steps.

So today I’m here to help you and get that lady you cherish and interested in dating.

Now I will take you through my campus life experience, those tips works for me during my time.

  1. Assist her in doing her assignments always. Believe me; some of those ladies in campus are lazy when it comes to assignment.
  1. Do night and day reading with her.

Always make out time to read with her, and encourage her to read always.

  1. Assist her in buying some of her food stuffs.

At times, ensure you shows concern when it comes to food stuff; assist her with the little you can afford.

  1. Sometime cook for her.

Trust me, ladies love it when guys cook, so try to prepare good food and invite her over after lectures.

5. Take her out occasionally.

Trust me, this part is essential, don’t play with it, and always try to take her out on a date.

6. Call or visit her often.

Calling and visiting her keeps your thought in her heart and whenever you are not around her she will miss you.

7. When you see her with her friends in campus, tell her how beautiful she looks among them, and demand you take a stunning picture of her.

8. Always give her a listening ear whenever she brought a complaint before you. Everyone needs someone to take to at any difficult time so try to make yourself available for her.

9. Take a walk with her around the campus.

Sometimes ladies want to be seen walking with capable men that will make them feel secure and special. So try to be that man to make her feel special.

10. Gift her some nice ladies stuffs that her trends around the campus.

Every Lady wants to belong, everyone wants to look good in campus and as such, always get her those trending stuffs.

11. Tell her how much you love her.

Never express your love for her until you have carried out number 1 to 10, if she doesn’t fall in love herself just know she’s probably waiting for you.

So it is your time to break the record by telling her how much you love her.

Thanks for reading; I hope this will work out for you, enjoy your dating!!!

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