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things to know if your relationship has a strong connection

– 5 things to know if your relationship has a strong connection.

– Build your relationship with these 5 things listed below as well.

– Share your relationship knowledge or thoughts with us in addition.

Relationship is something people now found interesting to be in anytime or any day.

Family is known to be forever, but did you know that without relationship in a family it won’t work out?

In every family, union, work place, market place, community, prison and many more, there must be a relationship.

Relationship helps us to grow our love because God himself is love.

When there is Love there is relationship and believe me, God is involved.

Now that you want to be in a relationship with someone you love, these connections are to be considered.

Relationship is a connection between two or more individual to share mutual understanding.

Once there is Love, there is God and once there is God relation-ship will work out fine.

Now check out these 5 things to know if your relation-ship has a strong connection:

1. What’s your partner’s deepest secrets? Don’t tell me he or she doesn’t have 1 or more.

Till you get to know everything about your partner there won’t be a strong connection.

2. If your propose partner is the type that demand too much just know that he or she is not the right one.

Time will come and you won’t be able to satisfy them and trust me, they will look else where.

3. Do you have access to her mobile phone password or pattern?

Does he or she feel free when you are operating his or her phone?

If the answer is no, there is no strong relation-ship rather secret court.

4. Do your partner receive their call in your presence or take a walk away from you? If yes!

The caller is a person you won’t want to hear or even think of, trust me

Your relationship is on air or let’s say “Audio Relations-hip”

5. Relationship with strong connections tell each other when someone else ask them out.

I had a male friend who’s girlfriend do visit us in our hostel during our school days.

She always tell us the number of guys that are asking her out in campus .

And then, asking us how she would deal with them. ┬áThat’s awesome right?

These are few steps of mine to know if your relation-ship has a strong connection or not.

Thanks for reading, if you have your own contributions please share with us at the comment section.

Share with us, let us also learn from you (5 things to know if your relationship has a strong connection)!!!

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