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Aim forum requirements before cashing out

– Aim forum requirements before cashing out weekly or monthly.

  • Visiting the site daily
  • Reading posts
  • Commenting on posts
  • Sharing of posts to Facebook and twitter (with active account)
  • Referral
  • Creating a post (optional)
  • Posting a status update
  • Complete account information
  • Follow all our social media pages
  • Testimony

– Find out what will happen if such requirements are not meant.

– Does content creator fall under these requirements? You will find out.

Now let’s analysis everything accordingly.

Aim forum requirements are part of the rules or Terms and Conditions that govern the platform.

Those requirements are not to put you in “impossible task” or seen as Aim Forum “un-achieved social activities.”

As we all know, Aim forum is number 1 profound earning signature platform.

Through legitimate and authorized systematic way of getting paid for social activities.

Those activities are clearly outlined above for users to meat, not as a task but a means of earning.

Now let’s talk about the above requirements before cashing out on aim forum weekly or monthly basis.

Let it be known that those requirements are what gives you the earnings you are to cash out.

The most notable among all these activities on aim forum that earn users AIMIS (money) is referral.

Each member of aim forum has been mandated to refer (unlimited) to get 300 naira bonus points.

Any member that did not refer in this case will be denied withdrawal when requested

Reading and commenting is also demanded of aim forum users to earn as they do.

As you can see, they are not impossible task but means of earning on aim forum.

Before payment process is completed, the user must have carried out those activities to be qualified for payment.

Now let’s talk about sharing of posts, members are to share aim forum post to their social media account.

This also helps aim forum to gain more publicity by reaching out to many through shared post.

On this note, each member’s social media account will be checked to see if those actions are carried out.

Members are given the chance to create a post on aim forum but this is optional.

Engaging on general activities by posting a status update is also required of aim forum users.

Members are to complete their account information and also add cover and profile picture on their profile.

Every member are mandated to follow all our social media pages to see what we post and to also testify.

Testifying about aim forum under our social media pages and sharing of our posters also add to users AIMIS.

Any member who have all these in place will be able to cash out once minimum payout of 5,000 AIMIS is reached.

This minimum payout of 5,000 must come from all the source/means, not just one.

Do not focus your attention on one particular means of earning from aim forum, make it general.

Publishers who register as content creator also fall under these requirements but can be paid for posts only.

Meaning we can pay publishers what they earn from posting while other earnings remains till those requirements are meant.