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About Us

AIM FORUM is a subsidiary of AI MEDIA as Nigeria’s #1 Profound Earning signature platform through legitimate Authorized systematic and social activities. Get onboard with the smartest Earning platform.

Aside making profit from AIM FORUM we also provide quality content and reliable information such as breaking news, entertainment gist, health talk, relationships talk, big brother naija update, sport highlights, politics today, Tech how To, crime, discovery, and many more for AIM FORUM users.

Get social with AIM FORUM, make friends, comment and reply to your friends as your discuss concerned matters and relate ideals on AIM FORUM

As you do these, you Earn from all your general activities. Is that not awesome? Make quality and informed articles, funny videos and stories on AIM FORUM to increase your earnings/Income.

Get paid every week as you earn on AIM FORUM by (Referral Earnings) and General Monthly (Activities Earnings).

You must have at least #5,000 on (Referral Activities) before weekly withdrawal and a monthly Minimum withdrawal of #10,000 from (General Activities) before cashing out.

Payout are made to your provided Bank Account details during registration. Signing up for is totally free. Signing up on enable you to make comments on your desired topics.

To be an income earner on AIM FORUM, you need one time registration of #1,000. Once you are a registered member, you will be qualified for AIM FORUM earnings from your general activities and weekly referral earnings.

Now that you knows about AIM FORUM, proceed with your registration here