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7 facts about women and attraction

7 facts about women and attraction you need to know.

People get attracted to each other because of some particular characteristics that one may have and the other doesn’t have it.

But admires it in other person, an attraction creates love you can be attracted to someone Because of either their charisma, mode of speech, physical appearance or even their financial status.

Now let’s go into what we need to know about women and attraction.

1. Women are usually attracted to men who have facially handsome Because they feel they tend to have hot bodies.

Especially the bearded once because they consider them responsible and healthy.

Before a woman can be attracted to a man they must have similar level of attraction.

When a woman is attracted to a man she speaks with high pitched voice and gives him a witty smile in order to gain his attention.

2. Women judge men to be more attractive when they see another woman looking at him.

Women also are most concerned about their partners height, ideal hunting physiques, narrow waists, strong shoulders, broad chest and mode of speech or speaking .

3. Women are more attracted to “bad boys” that’s where the bestie falls in because studies by me has proven that besties possess the bad boys feature who are more physically attractive and willing to manipulate women into sexual activities.

But they rather keep a nice guy as a friend or a long term boyfriend.

4. A woman’s face is more beautiful especially in her fertility period women prefer guys who don’t smile to the smiling once because they consider them hot and believe that any moment they smile the world would go still.

5. Women are more attracted to guys who pulls out a chair for them in a restaurant.

Respect them, don’t nag at them, sings to them, feed them and the little sassy guys with un-similar qualities with them in order to keep the attraction flame burning.

6. Women are attracted to men who listen to their problem, hugs them and say “you’ll be just fine”

Other than those who has money to offer them. although money is important to help spice a relationship.

7. Lastly; women are more attracted to men who do not lie about their identity if you are not ready to be committed and that the only thing you want is s*x.

They prefer you state it than play with their emotions.

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  1. Wow nice
    Woman are meant to be hard to study
    If a man is truthful
    Do not lie with his identity
    Gives his woman attention he is definitely goin to enjoy his woman

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