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10 essential tips for parenting teenagers

10 essential tips for parenting teenagers and building a relationship with them.

I know some parents of this age still have problems or fight with their teenage children.

Sometimes you feel like they are trying to grow wings or they are disrespectful but the sad Truth needs to be told;

You parents should sometimes check if you are doing things the way they ought to be.

Just as we deserve respect those teenagers deserve some respect which must be accorded to them as well.

Parenting is a wonderful gift from God it may have some ups and downs but you still have to admit it is a gift.

Watching a life you and your partner created grow inside of you even grooming it to what you want it to become it’s wonderful.

Parenting teenagers can’t be so easy but I guess this tips ( 10 essential tips for parenting teenagers) would help make things easier.


Every teenager likes to express his or her views.

Parents must have a good listening skill because you have to listen to what they have to say.

It will make it easier for you to make adjustments and changes in what they might complian about.


At the age of 13 every teenager wants to handle a cell phone, wear trending outfits, be on social media and explore the internet.

Do not deprive them of these right because of some lame and flimsy mentality that says it’s corrupts their heart.

Am not saying social media doesn’t have an effect but if you don’t let them have it when they ask for it they would get it the wrong way.

So choose what way you prefer for them.


Ask them regularly how they spent their day.

This can help you get some vital information you didn’t figure out from them.

When you hear stuffs like “I have a boyfriend, my crush and so on;

Do not freak out on them, just listen and teach them what they need to know about relationships.

The healthy/unhealthy part, It can help you win their trust and create a deep bond between you guys .


Everyone likes to be respected but Nigerians have turned it that respect are only meant for elderly people.

That’s wrong, kids deserve respect too, you can respect them by not harassing them in public.

Don’t go to their stuffs without asking them Even if you got it from them you still need their permission to.

Don’t pick up their cell phone calls it helps them respect you more.

If they comes home with Friends you can excuse them, these helps.


Never lock up a child in the four walls of a house out of their will,

It lowers their self esteem and makes them timid.

Let’s them know the world isn’t a fairy tale, that the world has a wicked part.

Let them meet people, that way they can be adaptive to anybody.

Let them bring friends home anyone you don’t like you can always tell them when they are gone.


Never body shame them or nag about their dressing but instead you should ask them nicely to change the dress if it doesn’t suit your taste or isn’t acceptable to you.

Most importantly, do not link their dressing to their morality, instead of saying “Mimi you look like a harlot”

The famous writer chimamanda adichie says you should say “Mimi this dress doesn’t suit your body.”

But if she insists on wearing it then you let her be.


Be disciplined and not over strict because it blocks their communication with you as a parent.

That’s why most teenagers report well with one of the parents than the other.


Sometimes they do so many things that you can’t handle you should only report them to God he can only help by instructing you.


Do not use hurting words on them because at this stage what ever thing you tell them is registered in their minds.

And you know they are controlled by their emotions and feelings.


Be encouraging, understanding, easy going, trustworthy, supportive and keep their secrets well.

Pay attention 

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this here.

    I learn from it, we learn everyday.

    These guide will change a lots of parents mind towards their children.

    Thank you, thank you Aim Forum

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